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St. Linus University (SLU) is a duly registered company in--Dominica--a United Nations Member State. SLU is licensed to operate as an electronic Higher Education Institution (e-HEI) under the International Business Company (IBC) Act1996 of Dominica. SLU's apostilled degree is recognized as a legal document by all member countries of the 5 October 1961 Hague Legalization Convention. SLU is accredited by the World Information Distributed University (WIDU), Russia. The accreditation of SLU is internationally recognized by the: 1. Ministry of Education of Armenia 2. Ministry of Education of Mongolia 3. Ministry of Education of Tatarstan Republic 4. Ministry of Education of Penza 5. Ministry of Education of Chechen Republic 6. Ministry of Education of Tajikistan SLU offers degree- and non-degree programs with various fields of specialization in: 1. Mathematical and Computer Sciences 2. Technologies 3. Social Studies 4. Business and Administrative Studies 5. Mass Communications and Documentations 6. Linguistics and Classics 7. Historical and Philosophical Studies 8. Creative Arts and Design 9. Education For details, please see our websites:
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