Industry: Building Materials, Household Goods, Plumbing Equipment
SICC SpA is an Italian manufacturing Company who has been operating successfully since 1973 in the production of storage and hot water tanks, solar calorifiers, heat exchangers and pressure vessels. Our production range develops in five main fields: - Heating Division โ€“ Calorifiers with coil and heat exchanger, double wall calorifiers, hot water storage tanks and expansion tanks. - Alternative Energy Division โ€“ Solar calorifiers with double coil, tank in tank, storage tanks for solar heating. - Water Division - Tanks for liquid systems, storage tanks for refrigerated water. - Air Division โ€“ Special and standard compressed air receivers tested according to the most important international standards. - Special Equipment Division - Pressure vessels, columns, reactors, towers, gas strippers etc, for the petrochemical and chemical industry, vessels and tanks for treatment of gas, water ( ASME U stamp certificate)
Contact with SiCC SpA:
V.le Porta Po n.89 z.i.
Rovigo, Rovigo 45100
Tel: +39 0425 403111
Fax: +39 0425 403177
Web Site:
Instant Messenger:Skype: export_siccspa
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