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Industry: Jewelry
We have been nestled in the Diamond District for 20 years. All of the hustle and bustle in the district make it one of the most challenging places to work and live. The one thing we are not shy of is a challenge. As premier diamond buyers in New York, we live and breathe diamonds. When people come in to sell diamonds, we go above and beyond what they expect in a jewelry buyer. We are always striving for more, which is why we are located in the Diamond District. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with countless customers who are looking to sell diamonds in New York. Regardless of the condition of your diamonds, as diamond buyers in New York City, we are happy to take them off your hands. They are worth something to us. The number one place to sell diamonds in New York, we have been established for quite some time already. Thanks to our extensive experience as diamond buyers in New York, we are able to offer an array of different items for our customers. It’s about more than just buying a small gem. Once you have a chance to come to the Diamond District, you will understand what makes us so amazing. From platinum to diamonds and more, your item will find its home with us, If your item has a value to it, we are happy to buy it.
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