Rare Disease Therapeutics , Inc.

Industry: Medical Equipment
Rare Disease Therapeutics, Inc. on the other hand is a company built on the hope and premise of providing options where there are no options, and providing therapies where there are no therapies, through creative strategic alliances, as well as unique relationships with the government, research institutions, physicians, scientist, and manufactures. Rare Disease Therapeutics, Inc. is a well established company founded in 1991 as Orphan Pharmaceuticals, U.S.A., Inc. Strategically located in Nashville, Tennessee the company changed its name to Rare Disease Therapeutics, Inc. in March 2001 to better describe its mission. Rare Disease Therapeutics,
Contact with Rare Disease Therapeutics , Inc.:
1101 Kermit Drive Suite 608
Nashville, Tennessee 37217
Tel: (615) 399-0700
Fax: (615) 399-1217
Web Site: www.raretx.com
Instant Messenger:N/A
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