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Industry: Wire & Cable
From a local wire factory to a global market leader LEONI is a global supplier of wires, cables and wiring systems as well as a provider of related development services. The group of companies, which is listed on the German MDAX, employs about 53,000 people in 35 countries and is aiming to generate consolidated sales of about EUR 2.9 billion in 2008. The principal customer base is the automotive industry, for which LEONI develops and makes technically sophisticated products: from single-core automotive cables through to complete wiring systems with integrated electronics. LEONI’s product range comprises wires and strands, standardised cables as well as special cables and wiring systems for applications in the automotive, transport, communication and infrastructure sectors as well as other industries. LEONI is already global market leader in the supply of automotive wires. In the field of wiring systems, the Group is number one in Europe and comes in fourth worldwide. LEONI is further well established in the wires and cables sector and is a leading systems supplier of wire products to the special cables and components industry. Regarding the manufacture of thin copper wires, the Group holds second place in the world. In the cable business, LEONI’s particular strength lies in the production of both standardized and tailor-made special cables as well as in assembled systems. The quality principle is resolutely applied at LEONI; it is part of its corporate philosophy and is firmly embedded in production, personnel management as well as communication. This is reflected in repeated awards, for example as “top employer in Germany” and General Motors’ “Supplier of the Year Award”. Successful in a variety of markets In addition to products for the car and commercial vehicle industry, LEONI’s range of products and services comprises special cables tailor-made to customer specifications, ready-to-fit cable systems, wired modules, data cables and network components, insulated high-voltage cables, control cables, coaxial and instrumentation cables, power cords, copper wires and strands, as well as radiation cross-linking of cables and tubes. The customers are primarily companies in the capital goods, communications, electrical appliances, and medical engineering industries. LEONI’s customer base includes such well-known names as Audi, BMW, Bosch, DaimlerChrysler, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, General Motors, Land Rover, Miele, Philips, Porsche, Siemens, and VW. Expertise as development services provider and systems supplier The trend nowadays in both car manufacturing and other industrial sectors is towards ever more complex cables systems and through to fully wired, ready-to-install modules. Successful suppliers such as LEONI therefore do not only have special expertise in cable assembly but also have a comprehensive understanding of operating conditions and the technical correlations on the user side to conceive optimum product solutions. LEONI has precisely this knowledge thanks to decades of experience and a strong development work. Added to this is a value chain, unique in the sector, ranging from single wires to cables and through to wiring systems, which holds valuable synergistic benefits. From a Franconian wire factory to the global LEONI Group It’s hard to believe that a small, 16th century wire factory in the Franconia region of Bavaria could have laid the foundation for today’s global player LEONI. In 1596, Frenchman Anthoni Fournier began with a handful of staff in Nuremberg to produce finest gold and silver threads, known as Lyonese wares, for precious woven products. His sons operated additional production facilities in Nuremberg. From these beginnings, Leonische Werke Roth-Nürnberg AG emerged in 1917 – LEONI AG today.
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