Kbm Trading International Corp.

Industry: Oil & Gas, Waste Treatment, Chemicals, Machinery & Tools
We are an overseas PET Flakes, PETG, PET Post Ind. PET Post Cons. (plastic Scrap) Manufacturing /Representative/Importer/exporter with over 25 years of experience in sourcing out products and sourcing manufacturers in Latin America, USA and big markets for major retailers and private companies throughout the United States and Latin America.
Contact with Kbm Trading International Corp.:
Calle Restauracion #104
Santiago, Santiago 51000
Dominican Republic
Tel: 809-498-1415
Fax: 809-242-0906
Web Site: kbmtrading.conm
Instant Messenger:
Skype: kbmtrading MSN: kbmrick@hotmail.com
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