Industry: Mining
We sell Kuzbass, Krasnoyarsk, Khakass coal: Stone - DR, DSSh, DPK, DOM, DPKOM, TR, TPK, TPKO, TMSSh, SSR, SSMSSh, SSPK. Brown – 2BR, 3BR, 3BPKO, 3BMSSh, 2BPKO, 2BMSSh. Sd < 0.4% , Qr 3800-4800. Coking - Zh,GZh, K, G, GZhO. Anthracit-AK, AOM, AS, ASh. Sd 0.6-1.0% Deliveries to conditions CIF, FOB, DAF(sand on export: on the conditions of DAF - a stations of the transition on FAR EASTS and F.O.B. - a ports Black sea and FAR EAST) We accept applications with precise definition of marks (or specifications), quantities, destination.
Contact with FEHU&LIFE Co., Ltd.:
P. Zheleznjaka st., 16a
Krasnoyarsk, 660022
Tel: +7 391 2978 979
Fax: +7 391 2300 806
Web Site: www.coal-sib.ru
Instant Messenger:fehulife11
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