Dwight Auto Driving School

Industry: Training, Universities & Colleges
Dwight Auto Driving School has been around for almost 45 years, and we still provide excellent driving instruction throughout the 5 buroughs. Family-owned and operated for three generations, the Dwight Auto School has prices that compete strongly with most driving schools in the city (i.e. our $6 45 minute lesson special for new students, discount packages), and we provide the 5 hour pre-licensing class and a car for the road test. Everything you need is right in Inwood/Washington Heights! Free pick-up at your door 7 days a week!
Contact with Dwight Auto Driving School:
5000 Broadway
New York, New York 10034
Tel: 212-567-4400
Web Site: dwightautodrivingschool.com
Instant Messenger:Filmflamjack
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