Industry: Mining, Consumer Electronics, Electronic Components, Glass & Clay
DIAMONDPOWE is a supplier of abrasives of factory, specialized in a powerful Powder Industrial Diamond range and cBN multicristallin at price's factory direct, it has many points of contact and cutting edges to be able to give the best result intended for the 2 broad outline of application 1/Polishing of precision and surfacing of optical glasses in various industrial applications: Its powerful capacity makes it possible to remove optimal the stripes and the microrugosities on an extreme surface lasts (ex: crystal parts, optics, ceramics, metal, electronic etc), and ensures you to obtain a very satisfactory result. The size of diamond polishing goes from 1/10, 1-2, 0/3, 1/4, 3/6...to 60 microns. 2/Manufacture of the power tools, the coatings and set with diamonds grinding stones intended for oil industries, drillings and précisionsla size of diamond for the application of the set with diamonds tools goes from 35-40, 45-50, 100/120... to 400/500 mesh. I would invite you to consult our site: http://www.diamondpowe.com/ for more information. Pls contact me: Mme KE sonia (France) société Diamondpowe Abrasif diamant de traitement de surfaces Tél.: 0033 6 1071 8497 Fax: 0033 9 5724 2886 diamondpowe@free.fr http://www.diamondpowe
Contact with Diamondpowe:
9 rue André thierry
Tel: 0033 6 1071 8497
Fax: 0033 9 5724 2886
Web Site: www.diamondpowe
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