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Nihon Genryo Co., Ltd.
Kanagawa, Japan
Producing water treatment equipmen such as, fiter sand, filter media, filter tank, movable filter tank and activated car...
Nippon Software Knowledge corp.
Nippon Software Knowledge corp. is regional company located beside of "Mother Lake Biwa" who is the biggest lake in Japa...
Fujita Corporation
TKY, Japan
Fujita makes the most of 90 years of civil and architectural construction experience, as well as new technologies to dev...
Kajima Corporation
TKY, Japan
Kajima aims to combine PFI-type integrated services with its global network and resources, and to provide design-build-f...
Tokyo, Japan
KSK Japan is a medium-size remodelling, refurbishing and interior design company based in Tokyo and specialising in the ...
John (JP) Co., Ltd
John (JP) Co., Ltd mainly investment domain name and international trademark, we currently annual profits of $5000000....
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