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Litigation Support Services Allzone Management Solutions provides all of the litigation support services on your discovery efforts that requires excellent quality and client service. We provide both online & offline litigation support services. AMS coding service was designed to be fast, convenient and accurate so that you can spend your time researching your documents, not waiting for them to be coded. As our service is faster than most, your firm can wait much longer to determine if the litigation documents must be processed at all. This will save your firm valuable time and money, while giving you the advantage of being flexible and proactive. litigation outsource, case history | judgements | research, attorney Document Unitization (Physical & Logical determination): This process eliminates insufficient and inaccurate document preparation and provides effectiveness of a document database. This is one of the critical processes involved in the development of an electronic document management system. This process also identifies unique documents by type or date. Physical determination: It is a single-level of document unitization that is based on the presence of binding elements such as a staple or paper clip. Documents are unitized within the physical boundaries determined by the binding elements. 1. Beginning Bates: Document Starting Point. 2. Ending Bates: Document Ending Point. Logical determination (LDD): Logically distinguished documents from each other and define attachment relationships among the documents (i.e., parent-child). Unitization enables database users to search and retrieve documents by a particular date, author, or other coded field even when those documents were buried as report attachments in the original, physically bound collection. All the documents are well analyzed and at this phase field determination is identified. Following are the some of the determination fields. 1. Beginning Bates: Document Starting Point. 2. Ending Bates: Document Ending Point. 3. Beginning Attachment: Parent Document Starting Point. 4. Ending Attachment: Child Document Ending Point. Document Coding Services: • Objective Coding (Bibliographic Coding) • Subjective Coding (Advanced Coding Services) • In-text Coding Objective Coding: It is basic coding service to create indices to your documents that include any objective information you choose, including to/from names, document date, document title etc. AMS can also process your collection to eliminate those documents that are clearly without value, including lunch reminders, e-mails discussing sports events. Subjective Coding: Is a more comprehensive service that provides a database with bibliographic information and relevant data extrapolated from searching line-by-line review of each page of each document coding with the requested words or names into a database record that is associated with the document that the word or name was found in. In-text Coding: In-Text coding is the process of capturing the data elements within the body of a document. Coding information referenced in the individual document such as names, locations, important numbers and dates etc. General Coding Fields: 1. Document Type. 2. Document Date. 3. Document Title. 4. Document Authors. 5. Document Recipients. 6. Copies & Blind Copies. 7. Document Characteristic Format and Record Specifications: We provide our output as per your request in some of the standard technical formats like Concordance, Summation, Ringtail, IPRO, Jazz Notes, Trial Director, Doculex etc. Quality Assurance: . Each document is 100% reviewed and verified for the correctness of the coded information. Project specific QA Checks are performed for identifying the wrong entries. . AMS Quality Assurance personnel verify all the points in the project specific QA checklist including bates ranging, data integrity, mandatory fields, all validation, sequence, duplication checks, human errors etc. The whole database is thoroughly checked for the correctness and uniqueness. . Quality Assurance Personnel performs the Quality Audit. 15% of the documents from each document type are randomly picked and audited for it's accuracy in all respects . AMS personnel assure best quality with their collective experience in coding database information at a very competitive cost
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